Citrus. Spices. Botanicals. Magic.

Award Winning New American Aquavit

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Winner Gold Medal, Best in Category, 2022 Specialty Spririt of the year
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Gold Medal 2022 Concours d'Spririts Presented by SommCon and The Somm Journal
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Winner Platinum & Best in Category 2022
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New American Aquavit

Infused with botanicals, spices, and citrus, Batch 22 is a spirit that inhabits and defines a category all its own.

A unique American spin on a traditional Old World aquavit recipe, Batch 22 offers a smoother, more mellow, citrus-and-herb forward drink that’s as versatile as it is delicious. No other liquor or alcohol elevates the flavor profile of a craft cocktail the way Batch 22 does.

Created in a kitchen in L.A. in 2019, this unique aquavit recipe was developed and perfected by three best friends. Batch 22 is now finally available at bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout Southern California and nationwide through our web site.

40% ABV

(80 Proof)

6 X Distilled

All Natural Extracts

Nothing Artificial

Gluten Free

No Added Sugar


Batch 22 bottle

Sip and Savor.

Make It Your Mixer.

Batch 22 Does It All.

Batch 22 is an American aquavit that has its roots in some of the traditional spirits of Northern Europe; we've added our own twists to make it uniquely smooth, warm, and inviting. It’s an aquavit liquor that pairs effortlessly with an infinite variety of mixers and ingredients.

As a mixer, Batch 22 breathes new life into old standards like, the Bloody Mary, the Manhattan, or the Negroni. As a straight sipper, Batch 22 aquavit offers a complex array of aromas and flavors that beg to be quietly contemplated.