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All great innovations are inspired by the past, but they also add an original twist to create something bold, fresh, and new. Are you tired of the standard traditional cocktails? Do you want to expand your sipping and cocktail options? Look no further than this award-winning American aquavit with its new flavors that craft groundbreaking spirit-forward cocktails.

Why Choose Batch 22

All natural extracts and nothing artificial.

Infused with botanicals, spices, and citrus, Batch 22 aquavit is a spirit that establishes and defines a category all its own.

You can enjoy it as a sipper.

No other spirit improves the flavor profile of a craft cocktail the way it does.

A smoother, more mellow, citrus-and-herb-forward drink that's as flexible as it is flavorful.

40% ABV (80 Proof) and 6x distilled.

It's uniquely smooth, complex, and tasty.

You can make it your mixer and rejuvenate traditional cocktails or create tasty new spirit-forward cocktails.

No aquavit does it better.

Batch 22

Is made in CA and is available at bars, restaurants, and major retailers throughout California. You can also buy our aquavit online nationwide through our website.

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"This aquavit challenges the status quo of what an aquavit can be and that is exciting. The quality of liquid in this bottle is stunning."

"I love mixing spirits with juices, etc. The bouquet of Batch 22 always has a fragrant finish. My fave is with a splash of Trader Joe's pineapple soda, and blood orange slice. It's not heavy like a whisky, but it's not wimpy, either. Even just having it "neat" is a nice complement to a charcuterie board. Bravo, guys!"

"It takes a lot to get my attention, and somehow Batch 22 managed to do that in the most delicious way! A friend recommended I try it in a martini and it was even tastier than my regular vodka version. I've also had Batch 22 on the rocks, and the smoothness of this sassy spirit is striking."