Rare Spirits, Part Two

Here’s our second installment covering lesser-known, rare spirits and ingredients you might want to get acquainted with. Some of them are best sipped on their own, but most of them will add a unique and interesting flavor to a mixed cocktail. Regardless of your creative intentions, we recommend sipping each one straight before considering how…

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The Longest Bar in the World

The Humble Barron in Tennessee

The longest bar in the world can be found at a sprawling cocktail establishment called Humble Baron, located within Tennessee’s Nearest Green Distillery. And it turns out that the bar also has a long and interesting history behind it. The record-setting bar is by far the most popular feature at the Nearest Green Distillery, which…

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The Greatest Cocktail Stories Ever Told: The Tale of Two Negronis

During the third week in September, Campari and Imbibe Magazine joined forces to celebrate one of the world’s most popular cocktails and to support Slow Food, which works to create a more sustainable and equitable environment in the food and beverage industry. Bars and restaurants around the globe celebrated the Negroni by highlighting its supreme…

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World’s Top Bars, Part 2

The tables and bar at the Savoy Hotel American Bar

American Bar at The Savoy Hotel The now-iconic Savoy Hotel in London was a glittering showpiece from the moment it opened its doors in 1889. The genius behind the hotel was theatrical impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte, who brought his unique flair for the theater to the ambience and service at the Savoy. An essential part…

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