How to Drink Aquavit

Batch Fans, Aquavit is a super versatile drink. You can enjoy it straight, mixed, chilled, room temp, any way you want—and that’s just one reason why we love it. For some reason, most people in the USA haven’t heard of aquavit, and fewer folks have ever tasted it. We’re here to encourage you to try it, but also to give you a few ideas for how to drink aquavit —Batch 22 Classic Gold specifically— in ways that make the most of its flavor. Here are a few tips and things to consider before drinking or serving aquavit.

A mixed cocktail with Aquavit and an orange slice

Mixed or Straight?

First, decide whether you’re drinking it straight or mixed in a cocktail. In Scandinavia, where aquavit has strong licorice components (from fennel and anise, among other ingredients) it’s traditional for the spirit to be enjoyed very cold and unmixed in a small tulip glass alongside a snack or appetizer (often herring or smoked fish). In Norway, it’s more common for aquavit to be served at room temperature and sipped slowly so drinkers can enjoy the bold flavors. Batch 22 Classic Gold is smoother and more sippable than the traditional aquavits. It has dispensed with the fennel and anise in order to make the citrus components much more front and center. This means it’s less of an acquired taste than the strong, licorice-laden aquavits of Scandanavia. So sippin’ straight is the number one choice for lots of Batch 22 fans.

It’s Cocktail Time

We put together a list of our favorite aquavit cocktail recipes here. It’s our favorite place for ideas on everything from sweet and citrusy Stockholm Lemondrop Martini made with lemon juice and aquafaba to the Classic Batch Martini made with sweet vermouth and olive bitters. Or you may go for the Batchroni, which consists of Batch 22 Classic Gold aquavit, sweet vermouth, and Campari. It’s a variation of the classic Negroni using aquavit instead of gin. Our recipe collection is always growing, and we’re constantly adding the delicious recipes developed by bartenders and mixologists all over the country. At our cocktail recipes page, you’ll also see what a wide variety of mixers play well with Batch 22. Standard aquavit mixers include Aperol, Amaro, elderflower liqueur, cranberry juice, lemon juice, club soda, bitter lemon, and tonic water, but we’ve also made some dynamite cocktails with various flavors of shrubs, herbal syrups, and specialty sodas.

Keep It as Simple as You Want

You don’t need to learn aquavit-specific recipes to make the most of Batch 22’s unique flavor. Sometimes it’s best to just “class up the classics,” as we like to say. You can serve aquavit in any of the classic cocktails you’d traditionally make with vodka or gin; Batch and tonic, Batch and bitter lemon, Batch and cranberry juice, Batch and soda. Do you or your friends love a classic Moscow Mule? Use Batch 22 instead of vodka, add your ginger beer and lime, and you’ve got a mule that’s out-of-this-world delicious. How about the classic White Russian? Believe it or not, Batch 22 makes an incredible White Russian: Simply combine Batch 22 with Kahlua and half & half. Add ice, and you’re in business (recipes on our recipes page at If you pick up just a few aquavit mixers with your next bottle you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make dozens of fabulous cocktails.

Make New Discoveries

To truly appreciate how to drink aquavit, it’s best to try new variations and find what you like. At Downtime Cocktails, we are all about creativity—and Batch 22 inspires creativity. You don’t have to be best friends with a bartender or get a mixology degree. Experimenting with aquavit is not only fun and interesting, it makes any cocktail exploration a truly eye-opening experience.

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