Batch 22 aquavit is a smooth, citrus-forward spirit and an ideal mixer that elevates the flavor of dozens of classic cocktails. Its special blend of botanicals, spices, and citrus enable Batch 22 to play beautifully with simple ingredients or to add an extra dimension to complex and multi-layered cocktails. We invite you to try the recipes below at home and to start creating new ones of your own.

Richard Edison

When we drove sample bottles of Batch 22 aquavit across America in June of 2021, one of…

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Using mushrooms in edgy craft cocktails has become a very popular trend recently. We were intrigued by…

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Simply Citrus

Simple cocktail mixers can often be just as satisfying as more complex ones. The citrus components in…

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Spiced Cider Toddy

Once our first holiday season came around in 2022, we set out to create a bunch of…

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Spiked Pigskin Punch (about 15-20 servings)

This fruity, sparkling, lemonade-based punch is dangerously easy to drink, but bursting with vitamin C!  1 bottle…

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Suffering BatchTerd

Lots of serious aficionados of bourbon and whiskey drinks have told us they love Batch 22, so…

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Surf Report

In 2023, Batch 22 was honored to take part in the annual fundraiser for the Jimmy Miller…

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Terra Firma

Executive Chef and Owner Jeff Rossman is an old friend and a great chef. He was the…

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The Ashley

URBN Pizza Kitchen in North Park is one of our favorite places in San Diego to grab…

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