Batch 22 aquavit is a smooth, citrus-forward spirit and an ideal mixer that elevates the flavor of dozens of classic cocktails. Its special blend of botanicals, spices, and citrus enable Batch 22 to play beautifully with simple ingredients or to add an extra dimension to complex and multi-layered cocktails. We invite you to try the recipes below at home and to start creating new ones of your own.

The Divisidero / Liquid Plummer (Ume Plum Fizz)

We fell in love with the unique flavor of this plum liqueur made in San Francisco, California.…

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The Ice-Cubist

Batch 22 was the lead spirit sponsor of the 2022 Culture and Cocktails event hosted by the…

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The Mexican Mule

Our aquavit mule is a unique variation of the classic Moscow Mule. The infusions are simple to…

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The Rosinsky Method Martini

Our journey of bringing Batch 22 to the world has allowed us to meet people from all…

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The Stepbrother

Co-Founder Matthew does a regular podcast with his brother, Tony, where they talk about movies. He’s fond…

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The Stockholm Lemondrop Martini

This special martini was created especially for us and debuted at our San Diego launch party in…

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Wedding Vow

During a recent R&D session, we fell in love with the beautiful aromas and flavors of Rose…

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Welcome Batch Codder

Two of us have East Coast roots, and on the East Coast, the Cape Codder is a…

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