The Divisidero / Liquid Plummer (Ume Plum Fizz)

We fell in love with the unique flavor of this plum liqueur made in San Francisco, California. Not only does it add a distinct aroma and fruity component to the cocktail, it also adds great color. 

2 oz. Batch 22
2.25 oz. Ume plum liqueur
.5 oz. Aromatic gin
2 tsp Lime juice
4 oz. Sparkling water
6 Dashes grapefruit bitters

In a Collins or highball glass with ice combine Batch, Ume, lime juice, and bitters. Stir well to combine. Add sparkling water and gently stir. Garnish with lime peel.

Purple lemonade or blue pea ice tea. Iced cocktail. Summer refreshing drink.