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Why New American Aquavit?

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Smooth, Complex, and Approachable

During the COVID pandemic when we first started experimenting with making our own version of aquavit, we quickly realized that featuring traditional aquavit flavors like anise, fennel, and cumin tended to be overpowering and was simply not for us. Instead, we decided to make a spirit that tastes much more citrus-forward, with central notes of toasted caraway and dill. We were also determined to make our version of aquavit extra smooth, complex, and approachable—something that would add a touch of magic when used as a mixer, but could also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

We think we got it. Batch 22 is the result of all our hard work.

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The Meaning Behind New American Aquavit

We call it “New” because there’s nothing else like it. We call it “American” because it’s a New World spin on an Old World drink. And we call it “Aquavit” because our original recipe was developed as a unique interpretation of the classic spirit that’s ubiquitous in most Scandinavian countries.

Aquavit, which comes from Latin roots meaning “water of life,” has been produced since the 15th century, but traditional aquavit has a very distinct alcoholic “burn” and is not very approachable. To truly enjoy the conventional version of this drink, it needs to be consumed ice-cold and only pairs well with classic Scandinavian fare.


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