Batch 22 aquavit is a smooth, citrus-forward spirit and an ideal mixer that elevates the flavor of dozens of classic cocktails. Its special blend of botanicals, spices, and citrus enable Batch 22 to play beautifully with simple ingredients or to add an extra dimension to complex and multi-layered cocktails. We invite you to try the recipes below at home and to start creating new ones of your own.


This riff on the classic G&T showcases perfectly just how much Batch 22 elevates a drink when…

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Here’s another cocktail we created by marrying Batch 22 with our favorite local bourbon from Fierce &…

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Batch Cosmo

“Sex and the City” made the Cosmo famous, but Batch 22 makes it sexy! Why use tasteless…

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Batch Happy Mule

One of our most popular cocktails, the Batch Happy Mule substitutes our Classic Gold aquavit for the…

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Batch Stingray

Lovers of New York style deli sandwiches may also be familiar with the famous Dr. Brown’s line…

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Bijou 22

The Bijou is a classic cocktail first introduced in France in the 1880s. The original recipe calls…

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Batch 22 aquavit shares many of the herbal and floral qualities of other great mixers, like Suze…

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Cassis And Desist

Cassis is a wonderful mixer-a unique ingredient akin to blackberry or currant, but not quite as tart.…

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Cherry Tart

The Cherry Tart is the perfect cocktail for anyone who has a sweet tooth – or simply…

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